Choose your ‘business nickname’ carefully

No matter you are indpendent escort or an escort agency, do choose your name carefully!

In recent years, we have all needed an ever-increasing number of online usernames for every conceivable website, but am I the only one who agonises over what to use?

Do you need to have something obvious, such as your name, something witty and eye-catching or something very bland and anonymous?

Particularly when using adult sites, the desire to be anonymous is much greater, as you do not see many “Peter Jones, 25 Acacia Avenue” listed!

Therefore, if we want something to be more obscure, what to choose? Do internet alias names really matter though or can the ones some people choose actually be off-putting? Or are they just a bit of wit? Do some even go too far?

I never wish to sound like some kind of prude or, worse, a moral authority, but my personal preference is not for overly graphic handles. Other people have told me they share this, so maybe I am not alone.

For example, on TEB ( and , the escort directory, several ladies say they are put off seeing a gent if his name is derogatory or rude. Equally, I instantly rule out anyone with a name such as “Cum slut” or “Anal whore” or “Cheap girl”.

What does a name say about you?

Have you ever considered what your internet handle may be saying about you? If you have, have you ever considered what the names of those who you see say? For example gents, if your feedback has a list, such as “£60 Fuck” or “Bareback Bella” on it, do not be surprised if other ladies are reluctant to see you!

escort name define your price...

This may all sound very subjective and it is. However, I do have it on very good authority I am not alone and by a long way!

In truth, my handle is pretty dull and I am always having the piss taken out of me by a lady I see over it, but it is memorable and the only person it is even remotely derogatory towards is me!

All I am saying is to gents, think twice if you want to call yourself “Spunky monkey” or “Slut hunter” and ladies, what type of clients will you attract (or repel) if you choose “Cheap slag” or “Fuck tool’!