Hear This Kitten Purr

by Micky

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Micky – the cute kitten

If any woman tells you that she doesn’t enjoy being pampered, she’s probably lying. Well, I know from experience that I fall into this category as there is nothing I enjoy more than meeting new people and enjoying new and indeed exciting experiences and if I happen to be the centre of attention, well, I won’t argue with that! Escorts in London are not hard to come by of course, but I have always prided myself on offering a service which is, in my eyes, completely unbeatable.

Still, as I’ve already pointed out, being treated by a true gentleman is no bad thing and if you want to hear this kitten purr, then a little pampering goes a long way. Martin is a date of mine who understands this better than most and on this one occasion, he really did excel himself. Central London really does have everything to offer a young woman on the search for a good time and a bit of executive treatment of her very own and as a man who spends a lot of time in central London, Martin knows the area like the back of his hand.

Still, I won’t deny that as we pulled into the luxury spa car park, I experienced a little thrill, a ripple of electricity which is only likely to occur in the company of a real gentleman. Martin to is open-minded enough to sharing some of the treatments and I cannot deny that whilst I had my body massaged , my soft, oiled skinned glistening, it brought me great pleasure to peer over and see Martin’s well-defined body shimmering in the same light. It may have been daytime, but this was one of the most sensual dates on which I have ever been.

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