Happy new year!

Our opening hour during end of the year

Dear punters,

Christmas and New year holiday is just around the corner, some of our escorts are going back to their home town or go to travel for holidays, some ladies would stay in London and still can meet client. If you want to book an escort during the end of year, please try to book in advance, we will try our best to arrange for you. If your first choice could not meet you , please accept our apologies and we will recommend you a similar lady or other agency who open fully during holidays.

come visit us at London Marylebone to enjoy a special Christmas escort treatment !

come visit us at London Marylebone to enjoy a special Christmas escort treatment !

Our Holiday opening hours

Christmas eve:  2:00pm – 2:00am

Christmas day: 2:00pm – 3:00am

New year eve:  2:00pm – 3:00am

New Year day: 2:00pm – 3:00am


Happy new year!

Dear all, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Escort with Enhanced boobs?

What is the general consensus on cosmetically enhanced boobs?

I am sure it will be as broad a viewpoint as on any issue, as it is impossible to get men to agree on which size boobs, real or enhanced, are the best of times.

Personally, I prefer small and pert. That is not to say I do not appreciate other types of boobs, and I have seen many ladies with a more than ample cleavage.

As for the real or enhanced debate, my attitude has shifted markedly since I began, based mainly on, if you pardon the pun, firsthand experience.

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Busty Japanese escort in London

What should you expect in Erotic Massage

Things You Need to Know about getting an erotic Massage with escort in London

An erotic massage makes good use of sensual touch in order to enhance your senses, which is both healing and empowering. If you’re experiencing a lack of sensual pleasure and satisfaction in the bedroom then its time you got yourself an erotic massage in London. But, first here’s what you’ll need to know.

Once you’ve decided that you need some sexy massage finding a massage parlor in a city like London should be relatively easy. But if you want to get the experience of an authentic sensual massage in London with sexy Asian escort then Asian model escort agency is your best choice. Here you will be able to surrender your senses any day of the week, including public holidays.

escort massage in London

The best thing about getting an Asian massage is that it helps people who have trouble in their sensual experiences. Getting a erotic massage in London will give you a chance to add new dimensions to your intimate experiences with your partner. The touches you feel during a tantric massage do not only address the body, but also the mind and soul. In women, the key to sensuousness lies in the deep connection between both the body and emotions. Getting a massage enables you to come in contact with your heart through the safe framework and sensitive approach of a skilled masseuse or escort.

During the massage, the recipient will be in an accepting role and will enjoy the relaxation that a massage provides. The goal of the massage is to create a clear framework for sensuousness and contact, which leaves you feeling younger and even more energized than before. Many couples also choose the sensual asian massage as a gift for an anniversary or a special day which they wish to enjoy beautifully.So, if you’re stressed out, its time you experienced our erotic massage in London.

escort name define your price...

Choose your ‘business nickname’ carefully

No matter you are indpendent escort or an escort agency, do choose your name carefully!

In recent years, we have all needed an ever-increasing number of online usernames for every conceivable website, but am I the only one who agonises over what to use?

Do you need to have something obvious, such as your name, something witty and eye-catching or something very bland and anonymous?

Particularly when using adult sites, the desire to be anonymous is much greater, as you do not see many “Peter Jones, 25 Acacia Avenue” listed!

Therefore, if we want something to be more obscure, what to choose? Do internet alias names really matter though or can the ones some people choose actually be off-putting? Or are they just a bit of wit? Do some even go too far?

I never wish to sound like some kind of prude or, worse, a moral authority, but my personal preference is not for overly graphic handles. Other people have told me they share this, so maybe I am not alone.

For example, on TEB (topescortbook.com) and backpage.com , the escort directory, several ladies say they are put off seeing a gent if his name is derogatory or rude. Equally, I instantly rule out anyone with a name such as “Cum slut” or “Anal whore” or “Cheap girl”.

What does a name say about you?

Have you ever considered what your internet handle may be saying about you? If you have, have you ever considered what the names of those who you see say? For example gents, if your feedback has a list, such as “£60 Fuck” or “Bareback Bella” on it, do not be surprised if other ladies are reluctant to see you!

escort name define your price...

This may all sound very subjective and it is. However, I do have it on very good authority I am not alone and by a long way!

In truth, my handle is pretty dull and I am always having the piss taken out of me by a lady I see over it, but it is memorable and the only person it is even remotely derogatory towards is me!

All I am saying is to gents, think twice if you want to call yourself “Spunky monkey” or “Slut hunter” and ladies, what type of clients will you attract (or repel) if you choose “Cheap slag” or “Fuck tool’!

enjoy the sexy kisses by our models

New website design

Happy new year and welcome to our new website, by learning from the some of the best websites in escort industry, we found a website design company to develop a completely new website for us.

It’s not just the colour of Cherry’s hair that has changed at Asian Model Escort LOL.

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come visit us at London Marylebone to enjoy a special Christmas escort treatment !

Christmas Crackers – Escort Christmas special treatment only for 24-31 Dec 2016!

Remember when you pulled the cracker at the Christmas table?

There was a pop and a hat that made you a king or queen, a joke to share the mirth, and of course the toy.

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We Protecting Consumer Privacy

Asian Model Escort London is committed to protecting your privacy and any information we collect about you. We understand and respect your need for discretion and maximum anonymity. That’s why we will never use your details for any other purposes except confirmation of your booking. Read more

love an asian escort

A Love Story with an Asian Escort

They often say that you shouldn’t fall in love with an escort. Why should you, when her world is filled with doing sensual favors for other men. Could you really make an escort quit her job and stay there forever with you? In the movie called “Pretty Woman” starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, a story line this enchanting ended up in a happily-ever-after clause. Will it work for you too?

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BBJ Fun – Mimo’s naughty diary

As a London Escort, the other evening I saw a new client. He was cute, quite handsome and as usual for that time of the day I felt incredibly horny. We started talking, which eventually turned into making out. He asked me if I would blow him and I was delighted. He sat on the foot of my bed and pointed at the ground in front of me. Not wanting to be quite so easy, instead of getting right to my knees, I tackled him onto the bed. I was in a playful mood and we wrestled for a while before I let him win eventually and took my place on my knees in front of him. He undid his belt, unbuttoned and unzipped them, before I slowly pulled them down with his boxers.

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Read my lips

Did you know the pout of a pretty babe is one of the strongest signals of sexual allure? It seems that our sexy lips reach maximum volume around adulthood but unfortunately slowly shrink between the ages of 30 and 40.

View the sexy lips….(ps. We used to have a girl named Carmen who has the most sexy lips I have seen, she is left for study abroad , the first pic is from Carmen. )

This explains why our gorgeous London Escort girls with lips that are full and soft are nearly all aged between 19 and 25. But why the appeal? Well, the obvious answer is full, soft lips make good kisses but many guys have said that large lips subconsciously remind them of a woman’s more intimate parts.

Hot, soft, wet, inviting – the mind boggles, but we can well believe the attraction.

Just like our oriental girls I like to keep mine hot and moist and do my best to keep them in tip-top condition. Genes or no genes we still like to keep them moist and supple ready for action whatever that may be. Personally I still believe that if we look after them they stay full and firm for much longer.

Check out our girls sexy pout, make a booking, get them to plant a kiss on you, explore a fantasy and see what part of their sensual bodies your prefer.