Read my lips

Did you know the pout of a pretty babe is one of the strongest signals of sexual allure? It seems that our sexy lips reach maximum volume around adulthood but unfortunately slowly shrink between the ages of 30 and 40.

View the sexy lips….(ps. We used to have a girl named Carmen who has the most sexy lips I have seen, she is left for study abroad , the first pic is from Carmen. )

This explains why our gorgeous London Escort girls with lips that are full and soft are nearly all aged between 19 and 25. But why the appeal? Well, the obvious answer is full, soft lips make good kisses but many guys have said that large lips subconsciously remind them of a woman’s more intimate parts.

Hot, soft, wet, inviting – the mind boggles, but we can well believe the attraction.

Just like our oriental girls I like to keep mine hot and moist and do my best to keep them in tip-top condition. Genes or no genes we still like to keep them moist and supple ready for action whatever that may be. Personally I still believe that if we look after them they stay full and firm for much longer.

Check out our girls sexy pout, make a booking, get them to plant a kiss on you, explore a fantasy and see what part of their sensual bodies your prefer.